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The Virtual Gastric Band


The virtual gastric band is a relatively new intervention in hypnotherapy and has been available in The Kerry Hypnotherapy Clinic since 2012.

The method used is one developed by Sheila Granger, a UK hypnotherapist, and the reason that this method was chosen by The Kerry Hypnotherapy Clinic was that it was the only method backed up by clinical trials.

In the initial trial, working with a group of 25 volunteers of different shapes, sizes, ages and gender for just one hour a week over 3 weeks the group lost over 14 stone between them and all but one reported a change in their eating habits.

In a follow up trial at a GPs surgery, ten patients were taken on, some of whom had been refused gastric surgery on the NHS. Nine out of ten patients achieved positive results. Sheila Grangers work with The Virtual Gastric Band is currently under further clinical study with Hull University and Hull York Medical school. 

In February 2012, Finbarr O’Reilly, underwent training with Sheila Granger in person on her Virtual Gastric Band programme. Since then it has become one of the most sought after interventions at The Kerry Hypnotherapy Clinic and it certainly fulfils the promise it displayed in clinical trials.

The Virtual Gastric Band takes place over four sessions of hypnotherapy normally at weekly intervals. Emphasis is placed on a healthy, sustainable level of weight loss so that as people complete the programme they can be confident of a permanent change in their eating habits and of reaching their ideal body weight goal.

The Virtual Gastric Band involves no physical intervention, the work is all done by hypnotic suggestion to the subconscious mind. Compared to the actual gastric band operation it is safe and affordable. Some clients were quoted over ten thousand euros for the operation which they couldn’t afford and instead achieved results with which they were delighted using The Virtual Gastric Band at The Kerry Hypnotherapy Clinic.




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