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What are Suggestion Therapy and Hypnoanalysis

Suggestion therapy is the presentation of positive suggestions to the subconscious mind when it is in the deeply relaxed and highly receptive state of hypnosis. In hypnosis the measuring, assessing and doubting of the conscious mind is avoided; allowing the positive suggestions to take a deep hold of the subconscious mind for rapid, long-lasting change. The client is usually given a cd of the session for reinforcement of the positive suggestions.

Hypnoanalysis is the removal of blocks to your performance or happiness by reviewing incidents from the past that have set up negative attitudes or behaviour patterns. Anxiety (free floating worry that normally can not be traced to any obvious cause) can be seen to originate in past incidents using the laser like focus of hypnosis. Everything we've seen, heard or experienced is stored in the sub-conscious mind and can be accessed with hypnosis to show us where anxiety originates from. The reason for reviewing these past incidents is to relieve the emotional pressure they caused, to clear your mind of all blocks and allow the unfurling of your full potential. The memories are chosen by the sub-conscious under hypnosis and people are often surprised by what "pops" out.

It can be difficult to understand the full variety of therapies available so please contact The Kerry Hypnotherapy Clinic to discuss in more detail any issues you may have. In situations requiring analysis you are welcome to come in and confidentially discuss your situation with the therapist before deciding on whether to go ahead. This allows you to ask any questions you may have on your mind and it allows the therapist to suggest a treatment programme for your needs.

There is no charge or obligation at the end of this approximately ½ hour chat.

Analysis sessions usually last an hour and most often are at weekly intervals.


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